How to Extract YouTube Channel ID using Python

How to Extract YouTube Channel ID using Python


As a content creator or marketer, analyzing a YouTube channel's statistics is extremely important. These statistics provide valuable insights into a channel's performance and can help users make informed decisions on how to improve the content, reach new audiences, and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

One can fetch all such key stats for a YouTube channel from the official API of YouTube, that is YouTube Data API v3. You can get subscriber count, view count, number of views on each video, thumbnail images and so many other useful stuff from this API. However, you need to have the ID of that channel to get the required data from the API.

In this article, we will guide you through the simple process of extracting a YouTube channel ID using Python.

Install pytube library

pytube is a lightweight, dependency-free, library for downloading YouTube Videos. It can also be used to easily extract ID of any YouTube channel. First we will install pytube library.

pip install pytube

Implementation - Extraction of YouTube Channel ID

To extract a YouTube channel's ID using pytube, you first need to get the URL of any video of that YouTube channel. For example, we will use a video URL of the LowCode Solutions YouTube channel.

from pytube import YouTube, Channel
video_url = ""
x = YouTube(video_url)

Output: 'UCtrzqE3wAEMQbSP6aQkzPEg'

That's it! In just four lines of code, we have been able to retrieve the channel ID of a YouTube channel. Now with this channel ID you can extract rest of the important statistics and data about the channel with ease.

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